How to use Tulip® ScreenIt™

Follow these steps for perfect results every time.

For best results:

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Ombré/Rainbow Technique
Ombré/Rainbow Effect

Squeeze lines of paint colors onto print screen along edge of design in desired order. Squeegee paint across design in one direction.

For precise divisions of color, use masking tape to block off sections of print screen and clean squeegee in between paint swipes.

Spot Color Effect
Spot Color Effect

Block off the design that will be a different color with masking tape. Squeegee first color of paint across open areas of design in one direction. Clean squeegee and remove masking tape. Squeegee second color of paint over remaining design area.

When applying multiple colors of paint, apply colors in the order of lightest to darkest.

If the spot color design area is smaller than the size of a postage stamp, mask area with tape, screen print the rest of design, then remove screen and hand paint remaining design with second color.

Collage (layering multiple designs with solid color)
Collage Effect

Use print screen to create first design where desired on fabric. Remove print screen and let dry. Once dry, place second print screen design where desired over first design and create second design.

When layering multiple designs, start with background designs.

Multicolored Alignment (designs with drop shadows or outlines in a different color)
Multicolor Effect

Create first design per regular instructions. Remove print screen, clean and let fabric and print screen dry. Once design on shirt has completely dried, realign screen over design, masking off areas if needed, then apply second paint color.

Do I really need to use the provided yellow light bulb to light the room before taking the pink film sheet out of the packaging?

Yes. Your pink film sheets are light sensitive and will be damaged if exposed to a higher wattage of light than what is in the yellow light bulb. This includes outdoor light filtering in through windows, so make sure all curtains/blinds are closed as well before exposing the film sheet.

How much pressure should I apply when sponging away the burned emulsion from my print screen?

We recommend applying light pressure with a nonabrasive sponge. Too much pressure will wear away emulsion around the design area and create splotches when screen printing.

How long will it take before my design appears?

Your design should appear 5 to 15 minutes after rubbing with a sponge, depending on the size and detail of your design.

I am having a tough time sponging away all of the emulsion from the design area on my print screen. Is it okay to use an abrasive sponge instead?

No. Your print screens are fairly delicate and should be handled with care. If you are having a difficult time removing the burned emulsion from your design, re-immerse the print screen in water, remove, then try sponging again.

I am having trouble keeping my print screen in place while squeegeeing paint and it's causing my design to blur. Is there anything I can do to prevent this?

We recommend spraying a light coat of Aleene's® Repositionable Tacky Spray™ onto the surface of your fabric item before pressing your print screen in place. This will provide a temporary hold while you squeegee paint over your print screen. Note: We recommend spraying the fabric surface instead of the print screen to minimize the risk of clogging the print screen design with adhesive.

A Tip for the Type-A Creative

To create super crisp lines and maximize the detail of the burned design on your print screen, first spray a light coating of Aleene's® Repositionable Tacky Spray™ over your black and white paper design, then press sprayed side down onto the pink film sheet. The spray helps create a secure bond to the pink film sheet during the burning process, resulting in super clean, crisp design lines.

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